Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Executive Order No. 41

Executive Order No. 41
Series of 2014
Local Integration Program Committee 
for Former New People's Army (NPA) Rebels

This is in line with R.A. No. 7160, wherein Local Government Units (LGUs) are to provide social welfare services to the rebel returnees. Furthermore, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process issued Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2014-01, which provides a Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) for Former New People's Army (NPA) Rebels.
Section 1 - Creation of City Clip Committee
- Chairperson, Co-chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Members
Section 2 - Functions - the CLIP committee shall be responsible for the effective implementation and institutionalization of the City's CLIP.
Section 3 - Secretariat and Technical Working Group - is hereby directed to identify appropriate personnel from his/her office who shall perform all clerical and documentation functions attending the operation of CLIP.
Section 4 - Funding - They are subject to comply with the government accounting and auditing rules and regulations.
Section 5 - Separability
Section 6 -  Effectivity on September 23, 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Koalisyon ng Mamamayan Para sa Reporma 

Koalisyon ng Mamamayan Para sa Reporma (KOMPRe) hosted an event September 30, 2014, 7th floor (Finster Auditorium), Ateneo de Davao City.
KOMPRe aims to abolish dictatorship and corruption in the government. They fight under the reform of the Pnoy administration with the “Tuwid na Daan” movement.
The event was attended by students, professionals, government officials and other people from various walks of life who believe and hopes for a change in the government for the betterment of our country.
The keynote speaker of the event is the Dept. of Interior and Local Government Secretary, Hon. Manuel Roxas II. He gave an update on the different developments that the Pnoy administration was able to accomplish so far.
The event serves as a workshop as well for people who want to broaden their knowledge. The workshop is divided into 5 different clusters, namely:
Transformational Leadership, Governance and Anti-Corruption, Economic Development , Human Development and Anti-Poverty, Peace and Order, Human Security and Justice and Environment and Climate Change.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Executive Order No. 42

Executive Order No. 42
Series of 2014

Honorable Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte enacted Executive Order No. 42, Series of 2014; “An Order Amending Executive Order No. 6, Series of 2012: Reconstituting the Composition of the City Convergence Initiative–Technical Working Group (CCI-TWG) and Amending Section 2 of Executive Order No. 37, Series of 2011; Redefining the Functions of CCI-TWG.  This order reconstitutes the composition of the CCI-TWG to implement the enhanced national convergence initiative among the Department of Agriculture, DAR and DENR.  Accordingly, there are some local agency implementers and private sector representatives directly involve in agri-fishery development of the city that are not included in the previous composition.  Thus, the new composition will now be:

Chairperson:               City Mayor
Co-Chairperson:         Provincial Agrarian Reform Office
Secretariat:                 City Agriculturist’s Office
Members:                    City Planning and Development Office
                                    City Environment and Natural Resources Office
                                    City Veterinarian’s Office
                                    City Cooperative Development Office
                                    SP - Committee on Agriculture
                                    DENR – CENRO EAST
                                    DENR – CENRO WEST
                                    DILG – City Office
                                    DTI – City Office
                                    DOST – City Office
                                    National Commission on Indigenous People
4 Private Sector Representatives: (1) agri-fishery sector; (1) agrarian reform sector; (1) environment and natural resources sector; (1) business sector

Ex-Officio Members: Department of Agriculture – region XI
                                    City Agri-Fishery Council

Executive Order No. 40

Executive Order No. 40
Series of 2014

“An Order Creating the Task Force Bantay Suba sa Dakbayan (TF SUBA), Prescribing its Duties and Functions, and for Other Purposes”, or Executive Order No. 40, Series of 2014 was ordained by Hon. City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte.  This is for the purpose of addressing the alarming concerns in the rivers of Davao, particularly the rampant illegal quarry operations.  The said illicit activities pose great danger, not only to the lives of the communities in the vicinity but also to the over-all protection of the said rivers.  These bodies of water play an important role in maintaining a healthy and ecologically sound environment, considering in particular that they are the sources for the city’s drinking water.  Therefore, every threat to its preservation must be immediately addressed.

Executive Order No. 39

Executive Order No. 39
Series of 2014

Honorable Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte passed Executive Order No. 39, Series of 2014; “An Order Creating an Archives and Records Center in the City Government of Davao, Prescribing its Functions, Providing for its Organizational Structure and Funding, and for Other Purposes”.  The rationale of the order is to resolve the dilemmas in the proper disposition of public documents, given the overflowing volume and lack of sufficient storage space.  This order is in accordance with Republic Act No. 9470 or the National Archives of the Philippines Act of 2007, wherein Rule 20, Section 32 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations provides that, “… every LGU should establish an archival system to ensure the safety and protection of all public documents and records such as births, marriages, deaths and such other documents and records of public interest in various offices and departments in the city…”

Executive Order No. 38

Executive Order No. 38
Series of 2014

“An Order Creating the Elderlympics of 2014” or Executive No. 38, Series of 2014, was enacted by Hon. City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte.  The city is enjoined under the Older Persons Welfare Code of Davao City to actively promote sports activities for the Older Persons through the regular conduct of “Elderlympics” every first week of December.  In connection to this, Davao City will be holding “Elderlympics of 2014” on the 5th, 6th, and 8th of December this year.  This is just one of the many activities to look forward this Christmas month.